Amelia and Kate have a fantastic opportunity to rent a trailer in The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. The park is open every weekend, with late nights on second Saturdays for Georgetown Art Attack. We’ve decided to collect funds independently to avoid unnecessary fees that accompany most crowdsourcing campaigns. This will enable us to wring the sponge dry, so to speak.

Kate and Amelia have been spilling ink in very different ways for decades. Amelia is a tender maker who creates whimsical visual art while Kate weaves words into short stories. Coming together under one roof we have decided to don our tin can Ace of Wands. In tarot, the Ace of Wands symbolizes possibility in the area of creativity, excitement, adventure, courage, and personal power. The Ace of Wands represents inspiration, inventiveness, and new beginnings & opportunities.

Ace of Wands will have a soft opening in May, and we will celebrate our “hard launch” / opening celebration party in June.

Our goal is to crowdsource a modest $650, which covers first and last month’s rent, and allows $100 for furnishings. This campaign will run until May 7. This page will be updated at the end of each day to reflect donation amounts. If we exceed our goal, the funds will be put toward additional needs such as insurance, security (security cables, locks, etc.), and cleaning supplies.

Like most crowdsourcing campaigns, this project offers several rewards for your donations. Choose from a number of tangible rewards, or simply contribute any amount to the tip jar. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

UPDATE 04/02. WE MET OUR GOAL. You can still contribute to this project through May 7 if you’d like to take advantage of the rewards. Your contribution will help us pay for trailer improvements and other needs in our new retail space.

$825.00 / $650.00   

Backer rewards:

  • $10 Thank you postcard.

  • $25 Mini Art Pack.

    • Two zines (one from Kate, one from Amelia), two stickers, a postcard, and a thank you note from Amelia and Kate.

  • $50 Adventure Pack. (US only, please.)

    • A surprise grab bag of goodies from Amelia and Kate. Three zines, five stickers, two postcards, and extra surprises.

  • $100 - Small (4x6) custom art piece by Amelia. Only five rewards available. Keep it simple (a portrait of your pet/your favorite food/give Amelia a color scheme and a few buzzwords).

  • Tip Jar. Donate without a reward. Put any amount towards this project just for the sake of supporting local artists.

Illustrations by Amelia Lea.